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- Producing and engineering design of mechanical steel components, stainless steel,
non-ferrous metals, titan, plastics and processing drawing documentation
- Lathe and milling work
- Horizontal boring mill work
- Metalwork
- Production of machines and devices for general purposes
- Repairing of mechanical machines and devices
- Production of: Belt conveyers, Roller conveyers, Timing belt conveyers, Pocket conveyers,
Screw trough conveyor, Flight conveyer, Netting conveyer, and their spare parts
- Production of chain and gear wheels
- Mechanical repairs of electric gear units
- Production of agricultural machine parts
- Production of steel tanks, bins, pallets, containers
- Production and installation of stainless steel railing
- Production of steel constructions
- Production, installation and repairs of technological devices
- Consulting in the field of engineering
- Creating of drawing and work documentation